About Me

john-stepper-headshot-01Many large companies work as if it’s 1995. Pre-Google. Pre-Facebook. An over-reliance on email, meetings, and managers to find information and coordinate work.

My mission is to change that.

By applying tools and practices we see on the Internet – things like enterprise social networks and communities of practice – we can make work more effective & fulfilling. This is what I do full-time inside a global bank.

Modernizing work in this way has tremendous commercial potential and, importantly, human potential. Employees who work in a more open and connected way – “Working Out Loud” – have more control over their career and their life. In addition to changing how my firm works, I coach people on how to make their work visible, build a purposeful network, and unlock possibilities.

I write about this every week at johnstepper.com. To scale the changes I see, I’m writing a book, Working Out Loud, due in September, 2014. All proceeds will go to donorschoose.org and education causes around the world.

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